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Bahamas Waste Makes Promise to BESS Program and DCMS

February 23, 2011

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In 2002, Island School students pioneered a program for their research project creating biodiesel out of waste cooking oil.  Since then, our on campus plant has grown to not only feed our campus vehicles with biodiesel, but has become a model for The Bahamas.  On Monday, Bahamas Waste opened up its own biodiesel facility, which will convert up to one million gallon of waste cooking oil to biodiesel each year.  Geoff Walton, Jack Kenworthy, and Graham Siener of Cape Systems, a for-profit subsidiary of the Cape Eleuthera Island School, served as consultants during the planning and implementation of the plant.  At the ribbon cutting ceremony Peter Andrews, chairman of Bahamas Waste, handed over a check for $0.25 to Chris Maxey, Bahamas Environmental Steward Scholar Garneisha Pinder and Deep Creek Middle School student Moesha Leary.  This check serves as a promise that for every gallon of biodiesel produced, Bahamas Waste will donate 25 cents toward the BESS program and scholarships at DCMS.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to Bahamas Waste!

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