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Cacique Update March 14, 2011

March 15, 2011

“A Day Full of Firsts”

by Caciques Caroline V. and Alec

For all the students at The Island School, today was an extremely busy day, filled with firsts.  We started off the morning by raising the flag in the dark because of daylight savings, but by the time the sun rose, half of the students were ready to start their first timed run-swim. We swam through girls dorm cut with a sense of urgency, scrambled up the wall as fast as we could, and flew off the cliff with speed, all for the very first time. Following breakfast, we started our first day of class rotations.  Directly after classes, we experienced our first community meeting.  During this time, we learned that we had a challenge: we need to take ocean showers for 4 days. While some people are eager to give it a try, others are doubting whether we will make it. For a lot of us, it will be our first time going 4 days without a real shower.  After lunch we traveled to Deep Creek Middle School on our first official Community Outreach day.   It was an exciting adventure, as we met our buddies for the first time and were introduced to our community outreach topics. Although today has been one of our longest and busiest yet, it is nice to feel that we are finally settling into a rhythm that will carry us through the next five weeks.


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  1. Kathleen Tell permalink
    March 15, 2011 11:58 pm

    Embedded video clip … another first. Nice job. Thank you!

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