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Lionfish Ninjas Swim With Cinderblocks (read with intensity!!)

April 25, 2011

Ninja Black Fingers (Jessica) and Ninja Skye started our lionfish research class by running in dressed in black and carrying palm frond ninja sticks, like true lionfish ninjas do. We are not ‘normal’ ninjas. We are lionfish ninjas!  Our efficient ways help with our ridiculously rapid clod card deployment. We had a mere 3.5 hours to visit 16 different sites, deploying a total of 32 clod cards. These clod cards aren’t so simple and easy to carry. They were attached to cinderblocks and we lionfish ninjas had to carry them above the water through treacherous currents (see awesome-amazing-super ninja video and pictures). I’m sure you’re just dying to ask what clod cards are. Well, hey, good thing you’re reading this blog. We’ve got your answer!  Clod cards are a plaster-like substance that slowly dissolve away as the current runs over them. We take the initial and final weights of the clod cards and use a formula to find the current speed of each site. We think that these currents may affect the lionfish distribution around South Eleuthera. Well, I hope you’ve got your answer. Peace out lionfish ninja blog followers.

-Ellie, Jessica, and True

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