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Eleuthera Explorers Camp – Wow!

June 30, 2011

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Eleuthera Explorers camp is in full swing with 17 youthful Explorers from various islands in the Bahamas and states in the USA. We have been keeping busy with morning exercise beginning at 7am each day. Some of their favorite activities so far have included bicycling to 4th hole beach, snorkeling at sunset beach, learning to kayak, spotting nurse sharks and handling a 6 foot boa constrictor! Yesterday we went on an exciting adventure to our artificial reef balls. There, Explorers observed a school of grey angelfish, blue tang and a great barracuda. We also went to Page Creek to observe nurse sharks with our nurse shark research team from the Cape Eleuthera Institute. One of our Explorers, Rose Marie, shared her love of snorkeling and bicycling with us, “The first time I came to the Island School I was unsure what we were going to do. At first I was a little bit scared to snorkel, but then Tiffany showed me how to snorkel better and I became less scared. Then I heard that we would be riding bikes and I was really up for it.” Other Explorers like Morgan, James and Alexander share a love of morning exercise, with games like Beach flags and run swims! There have been so many new people to meet, including researchers from around the world studying all sorts of wonderful things.

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