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DCMS Softball Glove Drive

October 13, 2011

The students of Deep Creek Middle School need your help!

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Our softball team needs spare baseball and softball gloves to help win their first softball game in the school’s history. Last year DCMS came so close to accomplishing that goal but fell short by just one hit or catch on multiple occasions. This year the students plan to break the streak and bring home a victory. DCMS has proven to have competitive, if not superior, teams in other sports like basketball, where the girls went undefeated and won the Eleuthera championship, and track, where DCMS won 20 medals at the all-island track meet. One of the reasons we haven’t had the same success in softball is our lack of resources. We don’t have enough gloves at the school to supply both our boys and girls teams. We managed last year by having our girls and boys practice on different days but it left no time for other activities like eco-club, drama and junkanoo. This year we have access to two different fields, so we now can have practices on the same day, however, we still do not have enough gloves. Some parents have already purchased gloves for the students, but since gloves run about $60 each that is not an option for everyone. Please help out the students of DCMS by bringing down any old baseball or softball gloves that you would be willing to donate when you come for Parent’s Weekend in November!

Thank you in advance from all of us at Deep Creek Middle School!

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