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Cacique Update November 23, 2011

November 26, 2011

By Caciques Ian and Harrison (an authentically articulated synopses of the day)

At the first cock’s crow, we had the splendor of an eight AM sleep in; the first light was exceptionally phlegmatic. Subsequent to a palatable cuisine of granola, we basked in the eminence of Human Ecology Class. Some of us notable scholars conducted surveys among residents of the lovely settlement of Rock Sound, while other dignitaries inhaled compressed oxygen from a self-contained breathing apparatus up to 60 feet beneath the surface of an appealing Caribbean sea. The dawn was prodigious.

Henceforth we partook in a ravishing fodder of Tomato soup, grilled cheese, and macaroni. The diving squad jackanapes were significantly tardy.  After all pupils received a sufficient amount of nutriment, half the student body rushed off to midday lessons, while a fraction received the privilege of two hour exploration. Ian for instance, studied the complexities of math and literature, while Harrison had the privilege to accompany the staggeringly statuesque Caleb upon a pursuit of Caribbean Spiny Lobster. The two wrangled up an adequate supper and returned back before Harrison’s presence was requested in class. Whereat the Marine Ecology group went on a breathtaking excursion examining the ruins of a downed airplane, near 80 feet below sea level.

All and all, the day of the 23rd was nonpareil. Come nightfall, all a hungry child was looking forward to the day of thanks and feasting next morrow.

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