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Daily Update March 21, 2012

March 21, 2012

Yesterday, during Community Outreach, each student went to their group with their Deep Creek Middle School buddy in order to work on a project that some of the middle school students had selected. I was part of Teen Community building, and as our first task, we subdivided to create a public service announcement that we could publish via social media. Emma Barbera and her buddy, Zyria, and me and my buddy, Michael broke off to make a video promoting awareness about domestic violence. Our project opened the participants up for exchange. It was easy to exchange ideas with our buddies while working on a video. Together we would plan the facts to use, record our buddies speaking, and check over the work.

I was really impressed by my buddy’s focus on strengthening his community. He seemed much more of a leader for his community at that age than any 13 year old that I can remember back home.  The work that Zyria and Michael have been doing is really inspiring to me. It shows that even leaders in Middle School can effect change. I really enjoyed being able to work so closely with my buddy during this time and I am excited for next Monday!

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