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Daily Update March 27, 2012

March 29, 2012

Monday was a day full of adventure as I made one of my best memories at The Island School. After a morning of Math, Human Ecology, and Marine Ecology classes, we set off to Deep Creek Middle School for Community Outreach. My project, called “Beach Access: Know Your Rights,” started by one of the Deep Creek students, is a project to stop the blocking of public beaches by major hotels and private estates, who are breaking the law by putting up road blocks and other barriers preventing Bahamians to come onto their beaches. My friend Annie, another Island School student, and my DCMS buddy Bronthaye and I are working together to create a presentation to give to South Eleuthera mission in order to gain support behind this project. It is truly amazing to say that I am at work making a difference in the community. I’m so excited for next Monday!

While Community Outreach is one of my favorite activities of the week, I had one of the coolest experiences of my life during Monday’s advisory time. My advisory piled into a van at 4 o’clock and drove out to the Ocean Hole Park in Rock Sound. The Ocean Hole is a big blue hole that goes down about 300 feet deep. It is completely surrounded by cliffs – perfect for jumping off of. We each took our turns leaping into the deep blue circle and swimming through the perfectly cool fresh water. I know I will cherish that afternoon as one of the highlights of my Island School experience.


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